It’s a feel good story

When we first came up with the idea to create Canada’s first craft beef brand, we knew we needed exceptional grazing lands for our livestock and enough ranchers and farmers with the knowledge and expertise to raise our cattle the right way.

In one unique location in the Qu’Appelle Valley in Saskatchewan, we brought it all together to create the perfect mix.

Lush prairie lands and hardworking men and women with a proud heritage who share our passion for crafting world class beef.

Humane Local Facilities

Shipping Beef not Cattle

Our abattoir is located in Saskatchewan in the Qu’Appelle Valley because it is important for us to be situated as close as possible to the lands on which our cattle are raised. We believe that reduced transportation time means less stress to our livestock. We ship beef not cattle.

We are devoted to applying only the most humane and sustainable techniques in use in the industry today. Our plant is staffed with trained professionals operating under worker and food-safety protocols that far exceed the highest standards required by both federal and provincial food and agriculture authorities.

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